How to Earn on Status Earners

Make money on Status Earners just by uploading sponsored Posts on your Whatsapp status.

Status Earners pays you 50kobo – ₦10 per post view, depending on bids from sponsors or advertisers. You can earn up to N2,000 daily and N14,000 weekly just by uploading sponsored posts or ads on your WhatsApp status. imagine sharing up to 10 sponsored posts at the rate of N2/view on your WhatsApp status, and you were able to get up to 100 – 1,000 status views, in that case, you have earned yourself N2,000 just in a day, and approximately 14,000 in a week.


₦2/view x 100 views = ₦200


₦200 earned from each sponsored post (100 views) x 10 sponsored posts = ₦14,000.

that’s amazing right?
Yea! that’s why StatusEarners is the best platform that pays you to post on WhatsApp status. As a publisher, choosing StatusEarners is a No-Brainer. Let your WhatsApp generate maximum profit for minimum effort, you earn simply by posting adverts on your WhatsApp status daily.